My name is Dennis Clute. My wife (Robin) and I are Dutch Oven cooks. We belong to two local Dutch Oven chapters of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society and attend Dutch Oven Gatherings (DOGS) throughout Texas and the US. I have a particular interest in the gear that folks use for Dutch Oven Cooking.  I also make the Clute Cooker (more on that later).

I developed this website with two goals in mind, to showcase the gear that folks use for camp Dutch oven cooking and to tell you about the Clute Cooker. I don’t sell Dutch oven gear, but I have included some links where you can purchase gear for Dutch oven cooking and for materials and tools needed for making the Clute Cooker.

From camp Dutch ovens to cook tables and all of the accessories, camp Dutch oven gear comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. And, there is as much variety and innovation in the set up and organization of the gear as there is in the gear itself. Adequately showcasing the gear and setups is a lofty goal and one that I will not meet. But the ultimate goal in Dutch oven cooking is to have fun and I contend that most of the fun is in the journey and in making friends along the way. That goal I intend to achieve.

Since the Clute Cooker is not available commercially, I’ve included information on the Cooker and instructions on how you can make one for yourself.

If you’re into making gear related to camp Dutch oven cooking and would like to share your ideas and designs, you’ve come to the right place. I would love to hear from you and post photos and articles about your gear. You can contact me by clicking contact me.